The Dark Side of Personalities ( Pre-Order – Release on Fall 2024)




Don’t be fooled by the title. This book is not meant to be a discouraging exposition of each personality’s worst qualities. It’s an exposé of the intent of our Designer through the lens of our design.

The real message lies in overcoming your inevitable dark sides by shedding light on the true intention and
function of your unique and purposeful design. God offers the Christian a Spirit of power and of love and
of self-control. That power enables us to capitalize on the strengths He knitted us together with and
overcome the weaknesses that lead us to the dark sides of our personality.

The dark sides of your personality are areas where you are weak and tendencies that cause you to
stumble, but it is also where God’s light best pierces through and shines. It can actually be the best place
to experience God’s power because His power is made perfect in weakness!

In The Dark Side of Personality and How To Overcome, you will:

● Discover how God knitted you together through your personality
● Take heed of some of the dangers of the discovery process
● Raise your awareness of how to harness your strengths as a way of overcoming your

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